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Mini Adventures in Blogging

So after attending this course, I got to thinking I should start my own blog.

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Personal Professional Website – Part 2

Here is my much anticipated update of creating your very own personal, professional website.  Continue reading

Personal Professional Website

As per my recommendation in my previous post, I have gone ahead and bought my personal domain name asimbhuta.com, which cost me approximately £10.

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Welcome to our July 2012 programme

Our workshop runs today from 14:00 – 16:00 in SALC6, South Kensington campus. Today’s workshop will cover:

Programme blog

Compulsory content

  • Online identity
  • Legal and ethical issues

Presentation by Dr Mark Hahnel, Digital Science and Founder of Figshare

Overview of optional modules

  • Blogs
  • Multimedia
  • Networks and networking
  • Online collaborative tools
  • RSS
  • Social bookmarking, citation and reference management
  • Wikis

WordPress Participants blog

We encourage you to monitor this blog, either by setting up an RSS feed or an email alert, so that you can see how other participants are faring with the programme and interact with them.