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belated workshop comments

I’m really behind schedule for this course, although I did enjoy the introduction and had a few things I wanted to post. Some of my excuses include giving a talk at a conference, organizing for a maths football team to take part in a tournament, and there’s the Olympics of course…

Now something more useful than excuses. After the workshop I thought of mentionning two things.

To anybody who has quite a specialist math question, you could check if it hasn’t been answered or partially answered there:
or there:
just bare in mind that these sites are aimed at mathematicians.

There’s a nice post on ‘favorite popular math book’:
I personnally recommend ‘Finding Moonshine’ by Marcus du Sautoy, describing the symmetry that surrounds us.

One last thing I wanted to share (a lot of you might already know about it) is the file exchange service within the Imperial network (between two imperial email adresses):
It’s really fast and convenient for large files and much faster than dropbox.