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first wikipedia article

I created my first wikipedia article today on ‘Insoluble group’. It is just one modest line. I’m  hoping to edit some more interesting articles soon. I have been thinking about writing a couple of articles on my topic of research, but as it is a new theory developped by my supervisor, I don’t feel wikipedia is the right place for it yet…


A reminder to get blogging!

Hi all,

We hope you are managing to find some time to work through two of the optional content modules, as a reminder they are:

Do remember that to complete the programme you need to add three posts to the 2012 participants blog by the end of July. If you are having any problems at all doing this, please do get in touch!


Presentations from Monday’s workshop

We hope you enjoyed Monday’s workshop, here are the Prezis that Ruth, Mark and myself presented.

Blogs, Twitter, wikis and other web-based tools and technologies: opening workshop, 2 July 2012 (Ruth Harrison, Team Leader: Education and Research Support)

Giving yourself an online presence. What’s in it for me? (A case study) (Dr Mark Hahnel, Digital Science)

Blogs, Twitter, wikis and other web-based tools: Optional modules (Jenny Evans, Maths and Physics Librarian)

Welcome to our July 2012 programme

Our workshop runs today from 14:00 – 16:00 in SALC6, South Kensington campus. Today’s workshop will cover:

Programme blog

Compulsory content

  • Online identity
  • Legal and ethical issues

Presentation by Dr Mark Hahnel, Digital Science and Founder of Figshare

Overview of optional modules

  • Blogs
  • Multimedia
  • Networks and networking
  • Online collaborative tools
  • RSS
  • Social bookmarking, citation and reference management
  • Wikis

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