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belated workshop comments

I’m really behind schedule for this course, although I did enjoy the introduction and had a few things I wanted to post. Some of my excuses include giving a talk at a conference, organizing for a maths football team to take part in a tournament, and there’s the Olympics of course…

Now something more useful than excuses. After the workshop I thought of mentionning two things.

To anybody who has quite a specialist math question, you could check if it hasn’t been answered or partially answered there:
or there:
just bare in mind that these sites are aimed at mathematicians.

There’s a nice post on ‘favorite popular math book’:
I personnally recommend ‘Finding Moonshine’ by Marcus du Sautoy, describing the symmetry that surrounds us.

One last thing I wanted to share (a lot of you might already know about it) is the file exchange service within the Imperial network (between two imperial email adresses):
It’s really fast and convenient for large files and much faster than dropbox.


Opening workshop blog

Oops – I have just discovered that I should have done a blog on the opening workshop.  It might have been a good idea to have done this straight away rather than leave it to the last minute.  So here goes.

It was a very useful introduction to the on-line world but it quickly became clear  that despite my view that I was fairly up to speed here I soon realised that I was some way behind.  I was concerned by the legal and ethical issues of blogging and I guess the key message is that you must be careful and that once “it is out there” it is impossible to get “it” back again.  (I subsequently did the blogging course a few days later which I recommend.)  It is clearly important to build a following and so it is important to establish on-line presence through networking.  I now have a twitter account, I do have a LinkedIn account but I’m not on Facebook yet.  (I remain a curiosity amongst my friends and family but so far social networking really doesn’t appeal to me yet.)

However, before I start blogging in earnest I want to have some confidence that it is something that I will maintain and so at present I am blogging without the web which I guess is called  logging.  I am interested in the personal website approach and look forward to updates from Asim.

I have since done most of the optional modules but only covered RSS with a post and so I better do one more soon!

First optional content completed

I chose RSS first as it seemed fairly easy and very useful.  And it was.  However, it quickly became apparent that the gains in efficiency could very quickly be lost  by substantial increases in the amount of web content followed.  Discipline is thus called for and I’m being very choosy in my selection  of RSS feeds to subscribe to.

the workshop experience: Fran

I’m currently an MRes student studying Entomology at the Silwood Park campus of Imperial College and I’m going on in October to do a PhD at another institution so I thought this course would be really helpful both now and in the future.

I bumped into Hannah Peck in the Imperial library just before the session, we’re both based out at Silwood, so it was great to know someone on the course while entering the world of online tools!  Hannah’s already blogging away with her Project Parakeet site about the distribution of the rosy ringed parakeet in the UK.

I had heard about various online websites and tools before the session, I’ o twitter but many I haven’t really pursued further and I think they cold be really useful for me.  In particular the ResearcherID and Flavors which I signed up to straight away and will be developing over the next couple of weeks.

Looking at the optional content for the course I think I will definitely do the Networks and Networking and the Online collaborative tools options over the next month, perhaps a few more if I have time.

I think what I’ll take away from this session are two things: almost everything you do online could stay up for a while, so you have to be aware of what you are saying and doing; also there are many many different tools available out there, it’s best to use what those in your network are using aswell so you can integrate.

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks…

Blogging In action at the workshop


First thoughts on research 2.0 at Imperial

So here I am, expanding my on-line presence, discovering the joys of blogging and RSS feeds and hoping to find out how to use my twitter account more efficiently. Seems to be a lot of things out there to play with, and most of it for free, which is always nice. Have signed up for ResearcherID, which definitely seems to be a good idea in terms of making sure people know who you are, and also as it seems a sensible way of bringing together all my (relevant!) on-line homes… more to follow for sure!