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The first Mathletics blog!

My original impulse for taking this course was my wish, or should I say the need, to create a blog for ‘Mathletics’, the Maths Dept football teams! It would make the recruiting of new players and communication between existing players so much easier. Especially as most people have strings of emails waiting to be read, and facebook wasn’t really the solution. I have to find another title for it, but for now here is Mathletics baby blog.


Mini Adventures in Blogging

So after attending this course, I got to thinking I should start my own blog.

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Personal Professional Website – Part 2

Here is my much anticipated update of creating your very own personal, professional website.  Continue reading

Adding categories and tags to your blog posts

Categories and tags are a way of helping readers to select and understand the content of your blog posts – for example adding the category ‘Multimedia’ and the tag ‘Youtube’ will let someone browsing your blog know what they can expect to read about in that post. Many blogging platforms, including WordPress, will also index categories and tags, so they will appear in the search results if someone uses the search function on your blog.

Categories can be understood as general subject headings – see the BBC website for an example of their use:

Here, the categories are News, Sport, Weather etc.. For your Research 2.0 blog posts, you might choose from the Online Identity, Legal and Ethical Issues or Blog categories to describe in general what you are writing about.

To add more detail to the description of you blog posts, you also add tags. These are keywords about specific aspects of a subject, or subjects. For example, under the category News, the BBC website uses the headings Business, Politics, Health etc. to break down the content in more detail. These more specific headings function like tags :

If, for example, you used the Blog category for your post, you could add tags such as WordPress, Communication or Publishing to describe it in more detail.

To add categories to your blog posts, use the Categories menu on the right hand side of the New Post editor:

To add tags, use the Tags menu, also located on the right of the New Post editor. Tags are entered manually and must be separated by commas:

Categories and tags in WordPress also act as hyperlinks – if you click on the Blogs category anywhere on this site, it will link to all content assigned to that category. The same applies to clicking on tag headings.

For more on categories and tags, click here.

(Categories used for  this post: Blogs. Tags used for this post: categories,tags,organisation,content_management,readers)

Personal Professional Website

As per my recommendation in my previous post, I have gone ahead and bought my personal domain name, which cost me approximately £10.

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Presentations from Monday’s workshop

We hope you enjoyed Monday’s workshop, here are the Prezis that Ruth, Mark and myself presented.

Blogs, Twitter, wikis and other web-based tools and technologies: opening workshop, 2 July 2012 (Ruth Harrison, Team Leader: Education and Research Support)

Giving yourself an online presence. What’s in it for me? (A case study) (Dr Mark Hahnel, Digital Science)

Blogs, Twitter, wikis and other web-based tools: Optional modules (Jenny Evans, Maths and Physics Librarian)

Science Blogging workshop

For anyone interested in participating in a hands-on workshop on science blogging, run by the three science bloggers:

Sign up to the Science Blogging workshop, run through the Graduate School, happening this Friday from 14:00 – 17:00.

See Science Blogging Workshop for further details as well as booking info.