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The first Mathletics blog!

My original impulse for taking this course was my wish, or should I say the need, to create a blog for ‘Mathletics’, the Maths Dept football teams! It would make the recruiting of new players and communication between existing players so much easier. Especially as most people have strings of emails waiting to be read, and facebook wasn’t really the solution. I have to find another title for it, but for now here is Mathletics baby blog.


first wikipedia article

I created my first wikipedia article today on ‘Insoluble group’. It is just one modest line. I’m  hoping to edit some more interesting articles soon. I have been thinking about writing a couple of articles on my topic of research, but as it is a new theory developped by my supervisor, I don’t feel wikipedia is the right place for it yet…

belated workshop comments

I’m really behind schedule for this course, although I did enjoy the introduction and had a few things I wanted to post. Some of my excuses include giving a talk at a conference, organizing for a maths football team to take part in a tournament, and there’s the Olympics of course…

Now something more useful than excuses. After the workshop I thought of mentionning two things.

To anybody who has quite a specialist math question, you could check if it hasn’t been answered or partially answered there:
or there:
just bare in mind that these sites are aimed at mathematicians.

There’s a nice post on ‘favorite popular math book’:
I personnally recommend ‘Finding Moonshine’ by Marcus du Sautoy, describing the symmetry that surrounds us.

One last thing I wanted to share (a lot of you might already know about it) is the file exchange service within the Imperial network (between two imperial email adresses):
It’s really fast and convenient for large files and much faster than dropbox.