Mini Adventures in Blogging

So after attending this course, I got to thinking I should start my own blog.

When I was younger I had a LiveJournal account, and more recently I started a Tumblr account, but despite these dabblings, the thought of starting a ‘real blog’ still gave me The Fear. What would I say? Would anyone read it? What if I said something stupid? Could I get into trouble??

I took the plunge. I created Twin Lens Abstract, and soon discovered that starting a blog just before you go on holiday isn’t great for keeping momentum! Only 2 posts so far, but I have plans for further 3 posts, on Dermoid Cysts, the London Pain Consortium, and the Amygdala – quite disparate subjects perhaps but all topics I know quite a bit about and find interesting and worth telling folk about… surely the three key things when writing a blog?

Of course, the Key key thing is to set aside the time to update a blog on a semi-regular basis, which is what I’m finding most difficult. However, I think being able to do this will be good for me – doing a PhD teaches you some degree of self discipline, but having a blog is something for which only I am responsible… my supervisor won’t send me curious emails if I don’t update it in a month or leave spelling mistakes or glaring errors. It’s entirely my responsibility. A little like a tamagotchi now that I think about it…


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