Personal Professional Website – Part 2

Here is my much anticipated update of creating your very own personal, professional website. 

As I mentioned in my earlier post I bought a domain name; I had a Virtual Private Server setup previously for an online hobby I currently have, which I used to host the website. All I had to do was change the nameservers of the domain names I bought (I had bought both and within the control panel of the domain broker 123-reg.

For those of you who are new to generating websites, I suggest you look at choosing a webhosting package in which a domain name is included purely to skip out the step of changing nameservers. I recommend EUKHost, though they are not free and the cheapest package works out £2.50 a month. The reason I do not recommend free web hosts is due to the increased likelihood of malware sites having been set up on those servers.

Once your web hosting package is set up with your domain name, you can then log into your webhost’s control panel. In my case I have a cpanel package and the log in looks something like this:

Once you have logged in, you will be welcomed with the control panel as below:

Simply scroll down and look for fantastico DeLuxe under the category Softwares. Thereafter on the left hand navigation click on WordPress and simply follow the on screen instructions:

Once your WordPress installation is complete, You can simply log into your WordPress backend by going to

Simply log in with the details you provided during the installation and get posting 🙂 Simple as that really.

If you want to go that one extra mile, you can change the theme of your wordpress website simply by clicking on themes on the left hand navigation. The theme I have used is called OLYA and is from

I have yet to make the homepage a static page and as you can see it is presenting a blog at the moment. I am still caught up in between two minds as to whether to display the latest posts or whether to allow it to be a static page. Once I have clear ideas as to how to fill the website with content, and how I want to engage with my audience I will have a clearer idea as what content should go where.

I hope this post makes it easier for those who want to set up blogs on their own domain name. I certainly do recommend everyone to read further into setting up their online presence through their very own domain names, as I feel this is where true professionalism lies online.

I will continue to update my website every now and then and hopefully I will have it fully functional in the near future.

If anyone has any questions or recommendations please do not hesitate to ask or mention by commenting below.


2 responses to “Personal Professional Website – Part 2

  1. is another option for buying your own domain name. I believe it is about $8 a year.

    • Yes, godaddy is one the best domain brokers out there, thought I personally recommend domainmonster for ease of use.

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