Opening workshop blog

Oops – I have just discovered that I should have done a blog on the opening workshop.  It might have been a good idea to have done this straight away rather than leave it to the last minute.  So here goes.

It was a very useful introduction to the on-line world but it quickly became clear  that despite my view that I was fairly up to speed here I soon realised that I was some way behind.  I was concerned by the legal and ethical issues of blogging and I guess the key message is that you must be careful and that once “it is out there” it is impossible to get “it” back again.  (I subsequently did the blogging course a few days later which I recommend.)  It is clearly important to build a following and so it is important to establish on-line presence through networking.  I now have a twitter account, I do have a LinkedIn account but I’m not on Facebook yet.  (I remain a curiosity amongst my friends and family but so far social networking really doesn’t appeal to me yet.)

However, before I start blogging in earnest I want to have some confidence that it is something that I will maintain and so at present I am blogging without the web which I guess is called  logging.  I am interested in the personal website approach and look forward to updates from Asim.

I have since done most of the optional modules but only covered RSS with a post and so I better do one more soon!


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