Camtasia Studio Simple Review – TechSmith Software

I had been searching everywhere for a good screen capturing tool, which didn’t take up too much space and well, one that actually worked. 

Personally I downloaded the free trial from techsmith’s website in order to log the work I did on the computer. Purely so that in the future I can always trace back and see exactly what I did if I ever needed to replicate something.

As part of my research I had to virtually implant a shoulder prosthesis into human bone. I chose to do this in solidworks and came across a few problems. I knew just the person who could help me, however this person was not based at South Kensington campus. The nature of the problem was such that it was near impossible to explain in words over email. This is where camtasia really helped me out. I managed to record the issue I was having into a small .avi file, which I could attach into an email and send it.

In response to my initial email, the person who kindly obliged to help me clearly understood the problem I was having purely by watching the video I created using Camtasia.

So not only is it a great tool to log work that is being carried out on the computer. i.e. any coding, which you want to keep track of, or modelling you want to keep track of which a simple pen and paper cannot log, but it is a great tool to use when explaining to others what you do.

I have never used it as a teaching tool however I can see that it would be a fantastic piece of software for anyone thinking about teaching online. There is a built in editor, which can be used to edit videos and add comment boxes and sounds to mouse clicks etc. In addition, the windows version also comes with a powerpoint integration as well. I have never used this however, whenever I launch powerpoint this is my initial screen:


Unfortunately this great piece of software is not free. I have not stumbled across an education licence, and maybe someone else on this blog can expand on this.

Also the mac version is not as complete as the windows version the last I had checked, however updates may be released in the near future.

All in all, this is not just a great teaching tools but also a great logging tool as the screen captures take up very little space in comparison to other screen capturing packages.


One response to “Camtasia Studio Simple Review – TechSmith Software

  1. Techsmith’s free screengrab/screen capture software Jing ( allows you to shoot up to 5 minutes of video. Screenr is another free screen capture tool ( If you’re talking to someone in real time, you can also share your screen over Skype ( Andrew, Library Research2.0 support

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